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Things I’ve been thinking about lately:

Going on a Castle Tour in Scotland or Ireland sure sounds nice

Why didn’t I go away to camp in the summer time when I was younger? Jason with his machete would definitely get me. Or so went my inner 12 year old monolgue.

Watching The Soup makes me feel good about myself because man, there are a lot of REALLY STUPID people out there.

Could my baby beat that baby up?

Billy Joel. How do you write so many good songs and then…I don’t know…just drink booze and eat Pringles all day?

Norse mythology. I bet if I looked into it, I’d find some super cool stuff.

It takes a long ass time to write a book. At least for me. I think Dean Koontz cheats!

Will I ever stop listening to the music that college hipster kids listen to?

My lower stomach. Is that gravity or what?

This tattoo…why?


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