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Hello readers. The Olympics are coming!!!

I am very excited. I enjoy watching the Olympics very much! But why can’t I have my own Olympic powerhouse team to play in London this year?!

Oh wait, I CAN.

Thanks to the power of my imagination and this here blog, I present to you Professor Dave’s 2012 Olympic team!


My star of the hurdle team (well he kinda hurdles them) …  Willie “Shoes Are for Wimps” Twinkle!




The Shot Put Sisters…Olga and Bernice Jasperhooten!




Diving star… Johnny Fffoounttz




Back up divers… Tiffany Oint, Chaz “O-Face” Kingston, and Ken “The Blowfish” Quarles




On the Disabled List due to missing her top lip…Shelly Gandalf.



100 meter track star…Henry Clam! (He’s actually running the wrong way, but I won’t tell him!)


Women’s Hurdle Star and Women’s Goal Keeper…Lolo Jones and Hope Solo (OK so they are  real Olympic athletes for the USA, but my god man, besides having great names and wicked talent, they’re so damn hot. )





Men’s Shot-put leader…Stephen Baldwin


So that’s the roster right now! I can’t wait to see how they do! And true, I do spend a lot of the Olympics doing this…


…you can bet I’ll be watching and cheering on the USA and Professor Dave’s Olympic Squad!

Gold Medals for everyone!


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