When I was in high school radar detectors were all the rage and very hot items. If you got into a car and the person had a radar detector, you knew you had a 87% chance that you were riding with a real bonafide bad ass. Most kids couldn’t afford them (I think a popular brand was Cobra?) and were usually bought second hand or stolen.

I  remember when I was a Freshman that I somehow wound up  in a carpool (well I couldn’t drive yet, so ‘picked up by them ‘ is a better term) with four guys who were all Juniors. They were super crazy and all had radar detectors. It’s a miracle I’m alive because they drove like total cracked out stuntmen.  I was almost always picked up last and  I had to squeeze inside a Renault (!) a Dodge Daytona or a Plymouth Sundance. Once inside it was a testosterone and rage-filled drive to school and it was always a random guess of what cassette tape would be playing at ear splitting decibals. It was either some kind of Metallica, Ghetto Boys, Van Halen or Too $hort album. (I put the dollar sign there <— so you know I am legit.)

During the school week, they would drink a 6 or 12 pack of beer on the way to school about three days out of the five. (Which, keep in mind, was about maaaaybe a 15 minute ride). Totally stupid, right? I never drank in high school and didn’t ever partake in this ritual.  I also naively thought that this was just the normal thing that older kids did before they attended class. Everybody got a beer buzz before homeroom! Sure why not?! We never got pulled over or busted (thanks to the radar detector!), but man I can’t believe what knuckleheads we all were looking back now.

Why did the radar detectors go away? Nobody knows.  But I think that it’s because most people are too busy texting and surfing the web instead of speeding while driving nowadays.  Which is waaaaay safer.



and thanks to the radar detector, I ain’t gettin a speeding ticket!