A baby is going to be coming into our lives soon! If the ultrasound technician i s correct in her knowledge, we are going to be having a baby girl. And if the midwives are also correct, the baby shall arrive the 26th of February. I haven’t written much about that topic here on this blog. I honestly never know when I sit down at the computer what I’m going to write about. It usually just comes out as I type. I think a great writer once said,“Writing to me, is like simply thinking through your fingers. Oh, and please pass the cornbread.”

Today I feel like writing about the baby and Amanda!  For our friends and family who know Amanda and I and want to know what it has been like, I shall describe it briefly below…

The first few months to me after finding out the exciting news that yes indeed we are going to have a baby, it didn’t seem to me at all that Amanda was pregnant.  Amanda would say otherwise I’m sure.  Sure, she vomited every single day at home, in the office or even at the Progressive Auto Claims Department, but to me it just didn’t seem real that there was a life growing in her womb. It seemed like she was getting a daily case of mild food poisoning.  My own thoughts were consumed with how she was feeling, fear of not getting through the first trimester and please oh please, let the tests come back O.K. for a healthy baby.

Then as her belly and boobs grew and the more and more people around us became excited that we made it through the first trimester, it did start becoming more real to the both of us.

(Baby _____, if you are reading this in the future, please know that the first time I ever felt you kick in Amanda’s stomach was one of the most amazing moments ever in my life.) THAT is exactly when things started to get real for me. That may read lame, but it is true. You can look all you want at a positive pregnancy test strip, watch an ultrasound or see your wife’s belly get rounder and rounder, but I think for many dads to be, it isn’t really sinking in until you can actually feel that new life moving around.

So here we are at 33 weeks. The baby is kicking with the ferocity of a thousand Peles. Everything is checking out fine so far. Amanda, besides bad heartburn and general uncomfortableness, has had things go her way the way they should be. She has been incredible and her mood, energy and outlook has been extremely impressive. I am so proud of her.  The midwives all have seemed great and check-ups have yielded little or no surprises or problems. [knocks on wood].  We started our first birthing class on Friday and watched a woman in Mexico deliver her own baby.  In a bath tub. Without drugs, screaming or freaking out. AND she at three giant plates of beans that day. All very impressive.

My thoughts and feelings these days have been ones of surprisingly mellowness. Don’t get me wrong. I am extremely excited and very ready to meet and love this baby. But I do have to admit, that I have little nervousness or apprehension at this moment. I think we feel ready, honestly. We are in a good place. We are very lucky. The only semi-constant thought that creates stress for me, comes down to financial aspects. I have no idea what a baby is going to cost. This is when I write the line “But a baby is priceless. You can’t put a price tag on a baby.”  But I try not to think about that too often.

Mainly, I’m just excited to go down this new path with Amanda and see how much our lives are going to be forever changed. Because I have no doubt that we are going to love this kid with our whole heart and raise her to the best of our ability. Not to mention the love that this kid will get from the family and network of great friends (that will automatically become aunts and uncles!) and become part of her life.

So here’s to a healthy and happy baby and a smooth delivery!


Bonus section:

Names for the baby that we both like: Sally, Hazel, Gwendolyn.

Names for the baby that I like: Splenda, Cornea, Jemima, Alabama, Jazz, Kicking Bird, Bjork.