I like to draw. I always have. Sometimes me and my ol’ pal Jake Schneider would spend hours drawing and doodling after school. (And usually during school as well to the dismay of our teachers). Looking back that was a great after-school activity that kept us safe from danger and away from all those Asian street gangs that would try to recruit us.



(Unbeknownst to them is that we would have made awful members because our aversion to smoking, our love of wearing shirts and the inability to grow tiny, thin mustaches.)



Man, we were so obsessed with drawing Bloom County and Calvin N’ Hobbes!  That’s all we do for hours and then go expel more energy outside by crashing on our skateboards.  I wish I kept up with drawing on a regular basis because I do really enjoy it. The good part of this story (besides the above photo) is that I’ve started drawing again, this time on the iPad, and it has been quite a joy. I use a program called Art Studio on it. The learning curve was medium. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/artstudio-draw-paint-edit/id354818333?mt=8  I still have much to learn about shading and coloring.

And after drawing whatever, I even managed to get into making coasters for people by using the astounding adhesive known as decoupage. Or as I like to ask for it at the counter when I went to Michael’s Craft Store for the first time:  “Magic Glue.” Cue the employee’s eye roll!  “Betty, can you help this young man find decoupage glue? He doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

(Editor’s Note: If you are like me and never used this product before, your first words after applying it to your drawing or photo, are bound to be “Well, I screwed that up.” But wait! It dries totally clear. MAGIC.)

So here are a couple of samples of things as of late that I’ve been doodling and making.


Eeny & Meany

Sugar & Spice

1 of 4

2 of 4

Obviously. the above is a progression piece that will keep showing the girl and alien getting older together. I’ll post the other when I finish ’em soon. Girls’ pose is from an online photo.


Now below there are a couple of Wizard of Oz sketches I did and that on some of them, namely the Lion and Dorothy, were taken off work done by an artist that I greatly admire, Skottie Young. His style is so cool and has been an inspiration to me. He has been the artist for the Wizard of Oz comic that’s been out for a bit now.  Check out his gallery. It is awesome!!! http://skottieyoung.deviantart.com/

Then I did a set of them by printing them out and using decoupage to make coasters…

I also did several robot characters that had a letter on them that I made into coasters too.  The monsters and the robots may actually be sold at a local art store in my neighborhood! (Not the Wizard of Oz ones of course). Kinda cool, huh?





That’s it for now! I’ll keep you posted on the progress. Drawing is fun and HAPPY 2012!!