As  I reflect upon my 111th birthday. Scratch that. I’m always confusing myself with Bilbo Baggins. As I reflect upon my upcoming 37th birthday, (Geez what’s up with all my semi-serious posts lately??), I have come to accept the fact that I really need to find some spirituality. WAIT! DON’T STOP READING YET!

I think that most organized religions themselves started out as a generally good idea, but then as with many things, (i.e. The Saw movie franchise, The plot to Lost), they get abused and over-complicated. Thousands of years ago, it might’ve started with Moses making biscuits and gravy for everyone one morning and he started getting on a roll and began saying things like, “Don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t drool over your buddy’s wife with that spankable ass.” Blah blah blah.

Then the next thing you know, the story maybe gets changed from generation to generation and now instead of making breakfast he’s up in the mountain for days and comes down with thunder and lightning and with tablets that he inscribed directly from the word of God. Who knows what really happened?

And I know that being spiritual doesn’t mean religious. My friend Brian who I hung out with in my teens and the first person I ever met from California, told me that his religion was the ocean. This cemented early on for me the fact that all people from California really were flakey. I KID.  But it took me awhile to get used to his concept and after talking to him I learned that he found spirituality in the ocean. For him, that’s where he went to think, reflect, meditate and of course, carve some tasty waves, bro.

I was jealous that he made it all seem so simple and for him it worked. Unfortunately, he was stuck as far away from the ocean as one can almost be in the U.S., and this may be a sad fact in which he turned to drugs and alcohol to cope.

I myself had 12 years of Catholicism which taught me plenty about its own ideas, yet never talked about others religious beliefs on any kind of level.  That’s rather sad.  I imagine it’s the same for other religions too, but I could be quite wrong on that.

I think going forward I’m going to try and learn about other religions ideologies and create my own patented Super Religion 2000! For example, one thing that I try to keep in my mind and that I more or less picked up from Catholic school is “Treat others how you wish to be treated.”

That’s a very nice concept and going forward, “Treat others how you wish to be treated,” shall be my NUMBER ONE RULE. Thank you Catholic Church because I like to be treated to ice cream!  And skateboard time. Which brings me to my next rule:


RULE NUMBER TWO: Spend more time learning about religious figures.


I wonder if he's sponsored?

This Jesus...maybe not the best to double your fun with unless going to a Rave.



You can double your fun and time with Mohammed too! (But I don’t think he skateboards. More of a rollerblading deity I believe.)

Picture of Mohammed not on file



Even double your fun with the lovable Dali Lama!

You. You I like.

My point is this: If you want, educate yourself as much as you can on the background of the major figureheads of religion, pick out some of the things that you like what they’ve done (i.e… gave to the poor, believed in fewer material possessions, took care of the sick) and apply it more to your everyday way of life if possible. I mean if several people inspired billions of people (sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad ways, let’s face it), surely combining several of their best and most moral practices can’t be that bad of an idea, right?


I guess Robin Hood had a lot of good virtues too, so if you want to include him and his ideas too, that’s fine as well.He probably also was the most fun.



Finally, RULE NUMBER THREE: Question the existence of God and help each other. 

I don’t care if you believe in a God or not. That’s your call.

Sure. I hear ya. But that's kinda lazy thinking, maybe?


With my Super Religion 2000, I don’t have the answer to that anyway. I myself, would like to believe that even if there’s a God(s) or not, we were all put here for some reason.


I’m fairly sure that reason is to help each other get through life.

I have no idea how this happened, but it feels good.


And that about sums it up.