She is falling down drunk and she is trying to tell him something. The people around them silently move out of their way as they hold each other and rock gently back and forth. A tangle of her hair falls across her face and over the bridge of her slender nose. She gives it a quick puff out of the corner of her grin and she tosses her head back, letting out a gentle laugh.

“I want to…I want to tell you something,” she says and her eyes lock into his. She points a finger at his chest and slides it down.

“Go ahead. I’m right here.”

They pay no attention to the music and muted conversations around them. The lights here are too bright and sometimes he has to squint at her, but she moves so easily and gracefully in his  arms that he is barely aware.

She leans forward and whispers, “Someone once told me that you’re already home where you feel loved.”

He replies, “Yes. And?”

She continues, “I feel like I am home. Right now.”

He pulls away slightly and his eyes narrow, ” Umm. That’s real nice and all but we just met and I’m pretty sure that those are all lyrics to a song.”

“No. No don’t be silly. Can you feel the love tonight?” she says a little louder and much deeper now as she swings harder from side to side. Her hair is a beautiful, tangled mess.

“O.K. Now that right there. What you just said?  That is from a song for sure, ” he wiggles away a bit and loosens his embrace.

“I don’t understand. Oh baby. Do you know what that’s worth? We’ll make heaven a place on earth,” she reaches back for him longingly.

“No. No I don’t like this. Don’t like this at all,” his eyes frantically dart around the Ponderosa restaurant scanning for exits.

He stumbles away from her and heads for the nearest door. Someone has made an awful mess out of the soft serve station.  He doesn’t even realize that he has slipped on a yin yang puddle of half-melted chocolate and vanilla ice cream until he is midway into his fall. With a terrible thud, the back of his head hits the dirty carpet.

As his life begins to drain out of his body, the last thing he sees is her. She is standing above him and she has made a small sculpture of him.

It’s made from mashed potatoes from the buffet.