They say that you can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps, the women that he has slept with and the kind of animals he has at his petting zoo.  (I might have paraphrased that) List below includes people I’d like to hang out with, smooch, ride in a sidecar with or for some of them, all of the above. (Editor’s Note: some of them are time specific) 


Abraham Lincoln -Always looked like he just woke up, liked theatre, probably knew some great party tricks, kick ass president (hang out with)




Han Solo- Great pilot, cool under pressure , best friends with Chewbacca…so, not racist. (hang out with)




Elizabeth Hurley-Extremely gorgeous, great accent, surprisingly a decent actress in comedies, seems like she’d maybe talk to you if you sat next to her in an airplane and there was no Skymall magazine for her to read. (smooch)




Bjork from her Human Behavior video days-Adorable, wonderfully weird, creative, speaks only in giggles and can talk to rain.  (smooch AND hang out with)




Dean Martin- nicknamed the King of Cool, can make George Clooney seem like a no-talent, ugly chump, loved Sammy Davis Jr….so, not racist (hangout with)




John Kricfalusi- Ren and Stimpy creator, made cartoons funny and weird again, has nice hair, responsible for influencing me during very impressionable years of my life (ages 15-35) (hang out with)




Tina Fey, Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler- very funny, smart and beautiful women who look nice wearing glasses, enjoy smiling, familiar with Chicago and probably secretly like reading comics.  I put the three of them together because it seems a shame to separate them. They look so nice together! (smooch AND hang out with)




Mad Max- (Not Mel Gibson)  can survive in very harsh conditions, excellent driving skills, likes dogs, eventually adopts 26 children (See Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) (hang out with) 



Aishwarya Rai- called the most beautiful woman in the world,  Queen of Bollywood, probably looks just awful naked. (maybe smooch)




Marie Curie-  brilliant scientist, partied with Albert Einstein, won a couple of Nobel Prizes, helped reform women’s education, experiments helped lead to the invention of  the X-ray and killed over 70 bears using only her hands. (hang out with)



Jimi Hendrix- invented teleportation, actual age was 1,871 , could fly, real name was Q’thal the Conqueror and hailed from the planet Kluxatong. (hang out with)



Amanda Eresh/Farrar 1998- present day- Amazing dancer, beautiful inside and out, super smart,  fashion icon, sweetest person I know without a bad bone in her body, goes along with silly ideas. (hang out AND smooch)