Hello. I woke up today and read an email from a friend who recently moved to New York. (Good luck Zoe!) That email then got me thinking about how people can suddenly move to a new place like New York or Chicago and that it really is such a gigantic change and different way of life for them. The first time I visited these cities I remember very much what it was like to feel overwhelmed, pressured, excited, scared, amazed, etc. at all that was going on around me.

From that line of thought I started thinking about how someone very sweet can be put into an odd or extreme environment and what will their outcome look like.  Finally,  I started thinking about a nice, happy clown in New York City who has never been there before and well…the rest is below…










Just messing around with some ideas really. I’d like to make him a regular feature in the ol’ blog here. Maybe his thing is that he gets killed in every episode by someone/something totally random.  If you’d like to get a closer view of the astounding artwork and to look at all the AMAZING detail, you can click on any panel. Make sure you get it printed off and put on a cool American Apparel tee! Then send me $5.00. Thanks!