Went through my old Photobucket account the other day. Realized I had so many odd photos on there that I just collected because they made me laugh, smile or roll my eyes. Then I saw that a string of them I had found seemed to represent the 7 deadly sins. So allow me to present to you the 7 Deadly Sins in modern day form:




I have no doubt that the photo above is totally real. I imagine that they are somewhere in a suburb in a small town in Arkansas. Do they REALLY think they look that hardcore or buff? Or both??! It’s like they tried to recreate a prison work-out area in Kyle’s backyard. Silly prideful, wanna-bes.  Mind-boggling. Also, is that one guy actually holding a “My Girl” cup from the movie that starred Macauley Culkin???  Because if so, then I shouldn’t be so hard on them. Because that is AWESOME.




This doesn’t need much explaining on why it’s the sin Wrath. It’s very obvious that the Ewok in the background HATES THAT BABY. It will have its revenge.





I like to pretend that the guy dressed as Waldo in the background is not dressed to look like Waldo at all.  In fact, he’s just some French dude who always dressed like that and that’s never even heard of Waldo. He was just on holiday in Japan and saw these nice Japanese girls and started thinking typical French thoughts like, “Sacre bleu! I would like to put zome cheese on zat ass.”   Then someone took his picture.






Oh a bonus! It’s two sins in one photo. You know the guy who’s awake is so angry because he’s sleeping next to a lazy, self-centered ugly man with a camel toe. That’s gonna be a loooong bus ride buddy. Good luck.




Ok, maybe this isn’t a super-gluttony photo right off the bat, but it made me laugh. And really, who isn’t more gluttonous than Peter Griffin?? I mean, c’mon!





Look at these greedy, greedy bears. Smoking cigars, eating strawberries and drinking champagne! If this isn’t the perfect picture of greed, well…I don’t know what is!




This one made me laugh too. I call it regret…



That’s it for now. Ta-ta!