Thought I’d transfer an old blog post from myspace (!) to here.  (maybe this is my easy way out of writing new blogs and gives my new readers [all 3 of them] some new reading material! 😉


Friday I bought a full box of E.T. cereal from 1982.

Friday night Amanda yelled at me a bunch when I showed her what I bought because she said there are probably gross things in there and that it will attract rodents. Also, the box is a little lumpy and smells weird…like maybe what E.T. might have actually smelled like.


Saturday I looked at it alot because it’s awesome. And on the back is a send away for an E.T. Storybook Album that’s narrated by Michael Jackson! {Editor’s note and update: Still no Storybook received 3 years later)


Sunday morning I ate a bowl of the 1982 E.T. cereal and the following is what happened:















OK, so actually I DIDN’T eat it.  Really, I didn’t.


I learned my lesson the hard way about eating cereal or candy that’s over 25 years old.

The worst and oldest thing I’ve actually ever ate was the stick of gum that was in a package of Superman movie trading cards from 1978. This I ate on a dare on Clark Street in 2007. (Thanks Zack Quarles.)  The gum exploded into a weird pasty dust once placed into my mouth. All the color dye from the cards and wrapper got absorbed into the gum and it was like eating a toxic chemical version of Big League Chew. Every once and awhile for no reason at all I still get that taste in my mouth four years later.