Remember, Ron? I told you all about him. He’s my technician I work with everyday. And every day he makes me laugh. Here’s a recap of today’s conversation as I am trying to set him up with his very first email account. (He wants an email account just so he can go on Craigslist and buy bicycles!):

Scene: I am at the Gmail site and I am typing for him. Ron is sitting next to me. I’ve clicked “Sign up as new user”

Me: Ok, Ron. I’m putting your real name here and now down below it wants to know what your email address is going to be. So, for example, I’m and now we have to pick a name for you, OK?

Ron: OK

Me: So what do you want it to say?

Ron: Oh. How about Ron? Ron at Gmail.

Me: I’m pretty sure that’s going to be taken.(I try it anyway and of course it is). See, Ron. It says “name not available”. Ron@gmail is no good. Try another one.

Ron: Ron1@gmail

Me: Yeah, that’s not going to work buddy.

Ron: Oh already taken, huh? OK. Let’s try Ron007!

Me: (Sighing) OK. Nope. Somebody thought of that already, Ron.

Ron: What?! Crazy.

Me: Yeah. There’s millions of people on Gmail. So you gotta get a little creative.

Ron: Ron1965@gmail

Me: No. Ron. No.

Ron: Why? No good? Ok! I got it David!

Me: Yeah?

Ron: Yes. Try Ron is a cool guy. All one word.

Me: Ahhhh…Ummm… OK. Here goes. Yep. Ron that name is totally available.

Ron: OK. I will think about it tonight. Then we can try it tomorrow.

Me: What?!? Ron let’s just do this. Tomorrow we are busy!

Ron: I know David. But this is real serious stuff. (Walks away)

AIGH! Ron will be the death of me!!!!!!!!!