My 72 year old father does not own a cell phone.

Nor a computer.

He has no email,

no Ipod,

no GPS systems.

He has only recently owned a DVD player.

I believe he has a CD player in his car, but I am unsure if he owns any CDs to play in it.

So on the car drive up to Wisconsin to visit my brother when dad was in town recently, the conversation eventually turned to an interesting  discussion of technology.

It went like this:

Dad:  (Out of the blue) Yeah Davey Boy, I don’t know about all this cell phone stuff.

Me:  Well, but you should get one in case of emergency though.

Dad: (Ignores my last comment)  I think what’s going to happen is that people are going to evolve into a totally different-looking species.

Me: Oh?

Dad:  Yes.  Yes I do.  I think what’s going to happen is that people’s eyes are going to get very large and round in order to see and use these small screens.  And to see the tiny words on the tiny screens…

Me:  Yeah, everything is getting smaller.

Dad:  Exactly.  Also, everyone’s ears are going to get very very small because no one likes to talk to one another.  Everyone texts and emails everybody.  And then they don’t know how to spell on top of it.  So I guess everybody will have small mouths too.

Me:  Uhh….Well, I don-

Dad:  (interrupting) And then you know what?   These two fingers (points to thumb and pointer finger) are going to become very long and skinny.

Me: Why?

Dad:  Because that’s the two fingers I always see them use! (Mimics typing on a very small phone). 


Me:  Wow.  Well, I’m gonna have to draw a picture of that.

Dad:  Good.  Do it.  And make sure they look fat and pale.  Because these kids today don’t like to go outside.

Me:  Yep.  Got it.

 (Below is my artistic interpretation of my dad’s vision)