I finally figured out that we have the equivalent of MS Paint on our Mac. It only took me 5 years.

Once upon a time there lived a sad henchman from Ecuador.

He was sad because no one would hire him to do any evil doings or sinister deeds. He had no leader or master to do their bidding.

Yet he had all the skills that a henchman could need.

But nobody would hire him. Not even in St. Louis. (which everybody knows is the Henchman capital of the world …)

One day when he was sad and roller-skating, he crashed through the window of a fortune teller!

She was not mad at him for crashing into her store.  She was beautiful almost. She also said she could see his future.   In his future, she said  that he shouldn’t kill anymore or do any evil biddings.

She told him to follow his heart and to live out his most passionate dream….

And so he followed his heart to Broadway and became the first Ecuadorian henchman male lead in Annie.