your new album is out.  i have to say I am mildly disappointed so far.

i’ve only given it 3 days of listening, but only 1 or 2 songs are grabbing me.  maybe this album is a creeper. it’ll hopefully grow on me.

i just have to realize that i will never be able to recreate the wonderful moment when i first heard your “apologies to the queen mary” album a few years ago because i was alone in hollyweird mirror on belmont avenue and they played the album while i looked for an odd gift for my friend and many of the songs i heard i instantly fell in love with right then and there and it was at that very moment i knew i had found music that seemed to be speaking right to my brain and then it hit me like a sledgehammer to my gut and when i asked the bored goth girl behind the counter who this was playing through the speakers and she looked at me like i was a real dummy and said “uhh wolf parade”  so a mere 2 hours later after i had ate some chipotle tacos i had bought your album and have played it everyday since then and it made me so happy.

~ your fan for life no matter what probably

david “scorpion” farrar