Amanda and I leave for Wyoming on Wednesday!!  We’ll be in a cabin in the Grand Tetons just south of Yellowstone National Park.

I’m hoping this is what I see everyday when I’m skipping through the meadows:

From the website of Yellowstone Park. This better not be Photoshopped assholes!

Instead of seeing this everyday in Chicago:

The Professor is going to do some hands-on research and answer some questions about this land known as “The Wild Blue Yonder” including, but not limited to;

Grizzly Bear vs. Brown Bears: Who Gives the Best Hugs?

Wild Wolves: How Quickly Can You Get Them to Sit, Roll Over and Play Dead?

If Your Husband Loses the Trail Map, How Long Is He in Trouble For?

Imitating Kevin Kostner in “Dances With Wolves” and Saying ‘Ta-Tonk-A’ Every time You See A Buffalo:  How Many Times Is Too Many?

Hot Springs Bathing Etiquette: Do You Really Need a Swimming Suit?

I’ll update with pictures and tales to astonish when we return on Memorial Day!