Frank Frazetta was a stupid cool artist who died a few days ago.  If you like wizards, sorcery, Dungeons and Dragons or anything awesome like that, then chances are Frank had an influence in the way they looked.

The first time I remember seeing his work was when I was about 10 years old.  I was looking through my older brother’s album collection and came across this:

At that very moment, I remember thinking that I had never seen anything more awesome in my life.

I was like, “Molly Hatchet. Who is this woman?”  And more importantly, “Why aren’t all album covers this amazing?!?”

(In my litttle 10 year old brain, I imagined Molly Hatchet looked like Elvira but sang like that dude from AC/DC.  And she played a guitars that looked like a real axe and used daggers for drumsticks.)

In reality this is what Molly Hatchet looks like:

Oof. Couldn't be more wrong.

Then when I asked my brother to play this album, I became really confused.  They’re like this Confederate Southern Rock Band who sound like a terrible version of Lynryd Skynryd.  Worst album cover representation of the music that’s on an album EVER.

Anyway enough about stupid Molly Hatchet.  Back to Frank.

I drew his album cover about 5 times and I wished to God I would have kept those drawings so I can see what they looked like now.

So here’s some more Frazetta coolness.  You can click on ’em for bigger views.  Look at the detail! He’s like the Leonardo of Sci-Fi Fantasy: