Did you know that kids are really into duct tape these days?

It’s true.

After spending the weekend with my little nieces and nephew in St. Louis and watching them make things out of duct tape, I also learned that it comes in an array of colors.

If you go to Wal-Mart like we did, you can find duct tape is available in pink, metallic, green and even tie-dye!  Say whaaaaaaat?!?  Yes. It’s true.

I had attempted to make a cool robot out of the shiny, silver tape, but I put it aside because I didn’t really like it.

But then my niece had to go and be really cute and finish it.  I didn’t know she was doing that and then she totally surprised me when I was leaving.

As I was getting in my car to go back to Chicago, she pulled on my shirt and said, “Here you go Uncle D.  I finished your robot.  We make a good team.”

She’s right!  I love him!  He is the new official mascot and header to Professor Dave’s Blog:

I picked an outer space background to take his picture because he loves outer space.  And eating Toaster Strudel.

But he does NOT like eating people unlike this jerk robot.