For many years, much to the amusement of Amanda, I have proclaimed that Brendan Fraser is the finest actor of his generation.

With his new release “Furry Vengeance”  that opened on April 30, I am sure many more people are going to finally “get with it” and jump on my Brendan Fraser Love Boat.

Do not let the fact that it received a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes dissuade you.

Watch this trailer and tell me you don’t think this movie looks like the funniest movie probably ever made.

Of course, I kid.  This movie looks awful and makes me want to shout “Miley Cyrus!” in pain too but I still would love to see it.

I actually really like Brendan Fraser.

I’m not sure why.

I think part of it is because he seems like he would be a generally nice guy in real life.  He’s big and goofy and I doesn’t seem to take himself to seriously.  I like people like that.

I mean the guy will play a character in just about any movie and I don’t know if it’s because he just likes acting and wants to play these kinds of characters or it’s all about the money.

I hope it’s not because of the money.  I really don’t think it is for him.  Least I hope not.

I like to imagine that Brendan’s agent has asked these specific questions below to him and at the end of every one of these questions was an enthusiastic Brendan Fraser style, YEP!”

Brendan, how would you like to play George of the Jungle?

Brendan, how would like to play Dudley Do-Right?

Brendan, how would you like to play a poor man’s version of Indiana Jones in a movie called The Mummy? (Quick side note! I saw this movie with Jake and the whole time we were watching it we kept whispering to each other, “I don’t know if this is the greatest movie I’ve ever seen or the worst.”  Turns out it was the greatest.)

Brendan, how would you like to play a caveman in a movie called Encino Man?

Brendan, how would you like to play a man who comes out of a bomb shelter after living in it for 35 years in a movie called Blast from the Past? (My personal fave movie of his right next to Bedazzled.)

The list goes on too:  School Ties, Airheads, Gods and Monsters, etc.  All quality movies starring the wonderful Mr. Fraser.

What’s funny is besides Blast from the Past I actually have went to the movie theatre to see all his movies!  Even Dudley Do-Right!  Isn’t that adorable?

Also, of interesting note, Brendan does NOT have his start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Pretty shocking and surprising I must say.

Please let me know who would like to go see Furry Vengeance at the movies with me.  We probably have about 36 hours until it’s on DVD.

No. I salute YOU Mr. Fraser.