My belly’s getting big and my backyard sucks. (Sounds like a country song)

So, to remedy that I am going to build a new patio.

i have no idea what I’m doing.  I  never try and build anything.

All I know is that our current patio looks like hell and my pants size is uncomfortable.

So yesterday I bought a sledgehammer, safety googles, a book on building a patio and some gloves.

I am going to keep progress here on the blog to let you know how both the patio and weight loss are coming along.

Yesterday I started breaking up the existing patio using the sledgehammer.  It’s a great workout swinging a 12 pound hammer over and over again at concrete.  Very therapeutic too.  The guy at Home Depot insists I need a jackhammer. Whatever.  I’ll show YOU guy at Home Depot who insists I need a jackhammer.

Original Patio:

Days on Project: 20 minutes Friday.  Weight loss= 0

Today is going to be a good day as the weather is perfect for busting up concrete!  I’ll update tomorrow!