Does anybody else remember this AWESOME book from their childhood?!?  I think it’s totally under-rated. ANDREW HENRY’S MEADOW is about a boy who’s knack for inventing and building things goes unappreciated at his home, so he basically runs away with his toolbox in hand to a meadow where he builds a kick ass house.

One by one, other kids start showing up (they each have their own reasons for running away….one girl has too many birdhouses and her study and love of birds drives her parents bat-shit. Another boy plays his musical instruments too loud at his home, etc… )  So Andrew builds each child some kind of amazing house built upon their needs. You’ll have to read the rest of the book to find out what happens.  But trust me, it’s the bestest book evers.

Also, the illustrations are ridiculously cool.   I ordered myself a copy about 10 minutes ago!  (Thanks Amazon).  Seriously, you should buy this book.  It makes a great gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, Jazz Hands Day, Wormhole Day and Bar-Mitzvahs.  Check out some sweet scans I found on the Internets!  You can click on the drawings to make them larger.

Also, does anyone remember this book???  I just thought about it while writing this blog.  I believe I read both books about the same time in my childhood.  I think Miss Suzy is about a squirrel who goes and lives in an abandoned dollhouse and then gets it on with toy soldiers.  [Citation needed]