Today we received our second order of Girl Scout Cookies.  I am very happy.  They are so good. Would they make more money by just selling these cookies year round?  I have no idea.  I’m no Astrologer. But, what I do know is that I submitted some new Girl Scout cookie names to the Girl Scout Cookie Foundation and they all came back REJECTED.

So below is my list of my rejected Girl Scout Cookie names for 2010:

Fat Mints

Mr. Belvideres

Caramel Snatches

Hee Haws

Yodel Holes

Creamy Cream Cream Creams

Nut Smiles

Moist ‘Schtuff

Hong Kongs


2 Girl Scouts One Buttercup

Dutch Milfs

Vanilla Priapisms

Chocolate Bearded Tit (oh I’m talking about the bird you perverts)