Sweet Moses Above can someone make the use of classic rock songs in commercials illegal?!?

I say this because this morning I saw Elvis’s (It’s fun to say Elvis-is-is) Viva Las Vegas being turned into a vehicle to sell Viagra. Viva Viagra?!? UGGH! It is so very bad. At first I did not know it was even for Viagra and then once I heard the chorus I got angry. So angry I got a boner.  Stupid Viagra commercial.

And hey Viagra, I don’t even like Elvis and there you go and take one out of the three Elvis songs I actually like and turn it into this garbage.   Please spend one minute out of your busy day watching this commercial.

You’re welcome.

Here are some other commercials using classic rock songs that make me scratch my head.  Not because of my dry scalp, but more for the reason of “why oh why?”  And yes, I know the answer is ultimately money. Sad.  Sad because I’d probably do it if I was broke.  But I don’t think some of these band members are poor at all.

Please feel free to add any other annoying commercials featuring rock songs to the list.

Band: The Cars

Song: Just What I Needed

Company: Circuit City

Band: Blondie

Song: One Way or Another

Company: Swiffer

Band: Devo

Song: Whip It

Company: Swiffer  (Ummm… I think I hate Swiffer now)

Band: Bob Seger

Song: Like a Rock

Company: Chevy trucks (I think)

Band: EMF

Song: Unbelievable  (which Kraft changes to Crumbelievable

in the ad. Amazingly dumb)

Company: Kraft

I know there’s lot more out there.  The Who, Hendrix, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin all have car ads commercials.  The Beatles sell Nike.  I will say the ONLY time I liked a car ad was when Volkswagon used Nick Drake’s Pink Moon in their commercial.  That was kinda nice. But other than that NO.  Stop the madness.