Amanda and some of my friends are in a bookclub.  My Dad is taking Karate and hangs out at the gym for 7 hours a day. Jake does comedy shows 12 times a week.

Everybody I know is in a club or doing cool after work activities.

Everyone but me that is.

So…I’m joining creating a club!  It’s a Pinball club.  Because I like Pinball.  Actually I love Pinball.  I played some this week at a bowling alley and I thought “Damn. Pinball. I’m having fun”

You can totally join if you want to.  All you have to do is play Pinball or watch me play Pinball.

Here is my name and logo:

Isn’t it great?  I didn’t design it.  but I did steal it.  Because that’s what Pinball Wizards do.  Oh yeah, if you join my gang you have to steal.  But nothing serious.  Just things like packs of gum and wallets.

You’re probably wondering what are my favorite Top 5 Pinball games.  You weren’t?  Oh.

Well here they are:

The Addams Family

Twilight Zone

Terminator 2



So yeah.  That’s my story about the club I started.  If you are serious about joining send me a letter to my home address and tell me in 5,000 words or less why you should be in my club. Looking forward to Pinballin’ you soon!

Sincere Regards,

Grand Wizard Dave

President of Pinball Wizards Inc.