Hello there!  Here are some random thoughts, astronaut news, opinions, recipes, wrestling moves, facts and travel tips from Indonesia.

Charlie Murphy (our dog) hates:

1. meats of any kind

2. cuss words

3. doorbells

4. Anytime I do any home project that involves me hammering, drilling, painting etc.  He is scarred for life when I have done any of that in the past because I always turn into a crazed, raging, cussing Tim Allen.

5. When I put him on my head and say “Dog hat!  I have a dog hat!”


I hate this conversation:

Stranger or near-stranger:  “Got any kids yet?”

Me: “No.”

Stranger or near-stranger: “Oh, you should get on that.”

Me: “Fuck you.”

Really people?


So many people say this to me.  I am really surprised.

Did you ever stop to think before you opened your mouth that hmmm…I don’t know…maybe we don’t want kids yet, you  fucktard.

Maybe my wife and I can’t reproduce twat-eyes.

Maybe my penis got shot off in ‘Nam assclinger.

You don’t know me.  You don’t know what’s going on in my life.

God people are stupid.


Speaking of stupid, do you know what’s stupid?  Joining a gang.

I see alot of gangs running around at my job.  I don’t go out past 4 pm in certain neighborhoods because I guess that’s when gangbangers get out of school (?) and start to cause a ruckus.  maybe they are getting out of detention and are all mad and stuff when they get home.

I told one gang member with neck tattoos that the only gang he should be in is The Get Along Gang.


Remember them?   Anyway, he told me he was gonna think about it.


We finally got a place for the plants in front of the window in our house.  Hooray!


And we painted a wall using Chalkboard paint and turned a whole wall in our kitchen into a big-ass chalkboard!  It’s fun. I drew a big turkey on it.   I need to draw more.  It makes me feel RELAXED.  Sorry I haven’t posted any new drawings in awhile.