Gremlins- After seeing this movie, I imagined that I had my own personal Mogwai that went with me everywhere. I remember one time talking to my Mogwai in the backseat of the car and my mom asking who I was talking with.  I responded very weakly, ” I don’t know.”


The Goonies– For some reason I pretended I was Data and tried to come up with lame inventions in our garage.  Nothing ever materialized. This phase lasted about 3 months.

5837284_std not dave

Red Dawn- Do you know this movie?!  It’s the greatest film of all time.  Of all time. I saw it about 1,000 times. It stars Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson (!) and Jennifer Grey.  It’s about the start of World War 3 because the Cuban and Russian armies invade the USA.

Actually, they start the invasion by strategically attacking a high school in the Midwest. (WTF?) But let me tell you friend, those commie bastards picked the WRONG HIGH SCHOOL.  Cuz that’s where the above all star cast attend school!  And they don’t like getting their education interuppted so they fight back big time!  Anyway, I frequently pretended that the Russians attacked my Catholic grade school and me and my buddies fight back guerilla style just like they did in Red Dawn. Oddly, I had this fantasy alot while attending Mass.

Back to the Future– Imagined I could do the skateboard tricks featured in this movie. (Even bought the exact skateboard featured in the movie. Valtera!) This phase lasted about 8 years. Actually, this was the closest to ever fulfilling one of my fantasies from a movie, as I did master several tricks seen in Back to the Future.  Including this little number…

bac2 heads up Mr. Fox!

The Neverending Story– I often imagined that I was Atreyu and traveled distant lands and battled monsters and wolves and rode on a flying Luck Dragon and saved a princess.  Fantasized about this mainly in school while drawing The Rock Eater and that really old ass turtle from the movie.


Any movies that strongly influenced you around the age of 9 years?