Barrel of Monkeys had their Fancy Schmancy Benefit on Friday at the Chicago Cultural Center.  It was awesome as there was a show, funny people, food and drink and silent auctions! (Which I love)

So regarding the silent auctions…

Did I bid on winning a week long condo stay at South Carolina? No. 

Did I try to win Saturday Night Live tickets with airfare included? Uh uh. 

Did I even try to win a party for 2o friends at a local bar complete with a customized cake?  Of course not.

BUT, what I did bid on and somehow won was the package to take this man out to dinner:



Oh boy. 

I get to take Michael Govier out to dinner and pay for it.  

For those of you that do not know this man, he is a company member for Barrel of Monkeys. He is silly. He auctioned himself in a package that started at either $50 to take him to dinner or pay $100 to NOT take him out to dinner. I choose to take him out at a restaurant of his choosing.  So far it’s either Medieval Times or to take a road trip out of state for dinner at Jack in the Box.

I’m sure I’ll be writing a future blog about our date with him.