I read “The Road’ recently. I liked this book. Apparently, it’s going to be a movie soon that seems quite different than the novel. (Judging from the trailers at least) Anyway, it’s about a man and his little boy walking across burned-out, post-apocalyptic America while trying to find food, water and shelter. Oh, and to avoid getting killed by marauders and cannibals. Sad and sweet and grim and scary would sum it up.

So it got me on a kick lately that’s had me going to stores and stocking up on food, water and survival stuff. Part of me thinks that it’s silly to do this and another part thinks that it doesn’t hurt to be prepared in case a terrible, large-scale disaster really happens. Seems like it could happen so easily. I must admit that I have always liked to have emergency kits and such tucked away in my house or car. (Amanda and some friends remember too well about my Emergency Command Center that consisted of a bunch of AA batteries and a small radio). But this time I really want to be prepared. Like my friend Mrs. Disaster Prepared Laura.

A question for you to ponder, gentle reader:

Is it terrible that I fantasize about the end of the world actually happening and I come forth from the fire and the ashes to save my family and friends?

I often picture myself driving a crazy-looking Mad Max van with Amanda and Charlie Murphy riding shotgun across a desolate wasteland. We would rescue our loved ones and take them to a safe haven. Upon finding my friends in ruined cities and saving them in dramatic ways, I would say things like “Come with me if you want to live.” or “Hey, never mind the smell of my burnt hair and B.O., I’m here to save you.”

I thought that these pictures represent what my future End-of-Times fantasy kinda looks like:

Me and Charlie Murphy ( 2 variations):


Mad Max

The Quarles brothers


Bono and Amanda


So that’s a little bit about me and the end of the world. Don’t you feel good knowing that I may save you come Judgment Day? πŸ™‚