I got rid of our contractor Joseph because someone stole our entire garage door and garage door opener after he hired someone to install it.  One day Amanda came home 3 weeks after it was installed and POOF!  All of it was gone.  So we suspect that he hired some very shady people to install the garage door or never actually paid them the money we gave him to have it installed.

Anyway. NOW we have Poncho.  A Mexican contractor that our realtors use all the time.

Reasons I like Poncho:

A.  Has two front gold teeth

B. Works very hard (even in the pouring rain)

C. Pretty cost efficient

D. He is little

E.  He’s lived here for 24 years and put all 4 of his kids through college.

D. While riding with him in his van to Home Depot, we hit a bump in the road and his center glovebox popped open.  And there was a gun laying in it!  At which point he looked at me and said. “uh-oh.”  And then I replied, “Hmmmm.” and then he said “I live in a bad neighborhood.”

E.  He never complains unlike stupid-head Joseph always did.