…I watched some movies with Amanda.

Speed Racer= Terrible.  Turned it off 20 minutes into the movie.  Also, John Goodman looks awful and sick.

Big Man Japan= The weirdest and craziest movie I have ever seen.  Hands down. Trailer below.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua=Not too bad actually. No really.  Well I wasn’t sober but  I think it was pretty funny.  Also it’s about Chihuahuas.  Charlie Murphy really watched the first 15 minutes and then fell asleep.

Clash of the Titans= I still love and will always love this movie.  Also when i watched it I was like Holy cow! It’s Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter as  Thetis! Apparently Maggie Smith is a very famous actress but I only know her from these movies. I am lame.