Below are some first sentences of chapters from my newest murder-mystery novel, “OOOH, WHY ON EARTH DID YOU DO THAT?!?”

Elmo Reed was not only the best cliffjumper in his Mexican seaside town, he was probably the best in the world.

“Did I remember to buy Jiffy-Pop?” he wondered, as he held her mauled, decaying body.

Carly Simon held onto the killer shark for dear life as she was dragged down deeper and deeper.

The sea captain swaggered in and had a gun on him somewhere.

Betty thought that Frisbee Bacon would be a great idea.  Not so much.

A white van pulled up next to me.  Then I woke up in Egypt!  Craaaaazy.

King Arthur looked around the Pizza Hut and was not amused one bit by the mess he had to clean up. Not one bit.

She yelled out to him, ” God speed, my love.”  But he thought she said,”Cosby’s my love.”   He then shot, killed and ate Bill Cosby.


Spoiler alert!!!

The last word of my novel is “basement.”

Can you already guess who dun it? I sure hope not!

Bonus! Fold this blog in half for a map of where the events take place!! Really cool.