No not really.

But I did get an upper gastrointestinal scope done yesterday morning. I’ve had terrible heartburn for weeks, so my doctor suggested this procedure.

I had to go to the hospital and get knocked out!

Then they stuck a camera down my throat and into my belly. The doctor was kind enough to give me some copies of the photos of what he saw.

So…here’s what it looked like and what he found.


shutterstock_1581179 pretty ribs



cooooool, huh?   After I woke up from being knocked out, I yelled at the nurses to take me back in there because I said “You didn’t do anything to me! We aren’t done!”

Then I was convinced they told me I couldn’t eat Thanksgiving dinners anymore. In which I was very confused.

THEN I went to IHOP with Amanda and ate a lot of pancakes. Oh boy, I can’t really remember that, but I bet it was good.

Neat, huh?