I celebrated July 3rd over at our friend Tom and Laura’s place at what I was told  was to be a very small dinner party, but turned out to be a rooftop party with over 100 people!

It may have been the best-not-quite 4th of July party ever as I fed lots of people Peach pie I brought, saw spectacular fireworks and drunk sexted Carrie Gilchrist.  (so sorry Carrie.)  Then someone threw guacamole on my neck.  I also fell in love with making pork tenderloin.

On 4th of July (today) Amanda and I  celebrated America’s independence by going to IKEA and buying Swedish furniture.  Then spent most of the evening yelling and cursing the Swedes by the lack of clear directions that come with assembling their furniture.

Aaaaaaaaaand now I’m watching Beetlejuice.

happy birthday America!