Ummmmm hellloooooo.  Heeeeey people who are in charge of designing, creating and putting out new clothes for men!  (I’m talking to you Gap, Old Navy, H & M, Express for Men and Grandpa Pigeons)

Can’t you give us men something else to wear besides polos and the other current crap which we have to choose from?!?  Jiminy Cricket, every time I try and go shopping for clothes I have the wonderful choice between a shirt with some kind of skull and bones or gothic-looking print shirt, a T-shirt that says I LOVE HOT MOMS” or polos. 

Now I know some boys love their polos.  Gee whiz, I’ve even seen guys wear two or three polos at one time they love them so much!  These also often happen to be the guys who like to “pop” the collar and wear their hats backwards.  Which is FABULOUS, yet counter-productive for the purpose of the hat.   But I am tired of going into stores and constantly seeing the same stuff over and over, year after year.  Give me something new, OK?

Can’t you just invent some new kind of clothes for men to wear?  I dunno.  Maybe something that looks futuristic.  I think that Gap would have a runaway hit if they did  a whole NASA line of clothes.   I mean,  going to outer space is manly AND cool. Perhaps do away with the silly old baseball cap and give us fun space helmets instead. 

I did do a sketch last night and have included something I have in mind:




Different, right?  A welcome change from the current trend in men’s fashion for sure. 


Do not do ANYTHING like this though:



Very unflattering.

 Jeepers, well I’m already out of time and I hope you’re listening out there in men’s designing world. Buh-bye!