I used to laugh and point at my friends who would wear headsets and talk to their on-line friends while playing video games

“Never shall I go down that ridiculous path!” I proudly would boast to anyone who cared to listen.

Now, I’m not exactly sure how it really happened, but I got addicted to Battlefield:Bad Company one year ago almost to the day.  And, um, I’ve played this game almost every night on-line for an entire year.  Good grief.

For those who don’t know, BFBC is an Xbox 360 game where you fight other people from all around the wonderful world and try and shoot and blow each other up using the assorted weapons, tanks, helicopters, etc.  Usually it’s 12 vs 12 and you can talk to the other people on your team while playing.  I have to admit it does relieve stress  and it’s nice to just slip into some other reality for awhile.

Oh, and of all the people who play this game online I am ranked 2,106 in the world. That is quite a geeky accomplishment for me (or anyone for that matter).

I had,up until playing this game last year, never really tried the online video games.  But then after giving the headset a try I had discovered there’s a whole community available to chat and play with almost anytime!

Throughout the year I’ve actually made some memorable friends like “Overseer “who sings me weird songs and leaves me messages every holiday. My buddy “Jagermeister” who recently lost his right ear and smashed his body into jagged rocks while windsurfing. (Sucks that that actually happened in real life and not in virtual land) and other on-line buddies. And of course, it’s awesome that I can keep in touch with Scott, Josh and ZQ even though they’re far away.

Well, that’s the story of me and my game.  Kudos to Amanda for putting up with my addiction and i promise things will get better when part 2 comes out in December!  MWAHHAHAHAHA