Sometimes (often) I daydream while I’m working.

Today was one of those days. I was at one of my doctors offices and I had looked at recent facebook updates on my blackberry and spotted one of my friends had changed their profile pictures to one that was now pirate themed.

So that got me thinking that if the real-deal old school pirates were somehow still around today, (not like those loser Somalian pirates of recent news) , what kind of faces would they actually make when they were getting their picture taken?

I was standing in the hallway of the doctors office while daydreaming about this and without realizing it, I started to make “Pirate Faces”.

They involved mostly me contorting my face so I had a one eye-curled-lip-sneer- thing going on accompanied with a low volume “Aaaaaargggh.” I’m not sure how long I stood there doing that but what made me come out of my pirate daydream was a nurse and patient giving me a look of real concern. Probably thought i was having a little stroke or a mild form of piratey Teret’s.

so, yeah I felt really stupid.

But not as stupid as how that new G.I. Joe movie looks.