There is a restaurant that is a block away from our new house.

It is called Hub’s.

I went to eat there tonight and there were about one dozen Greek pre-teens hanging out . The boys were wearing their hair like Fonzie and wearing puffy, black satin jackets with BEER logos on the back. The girls were very loud and bossy.

I was confused.

On the walls there are several murals painted of The Saturday Night Live skit in which they say “You like-a da juice? ” “You like-a my wife?”.

I was confused some more.

Then I remembered that the murals are there because Hub’s was the inspiration for that skit. But I’m still wondering about the boys’ hair and jackets.


And then about 5, let us call them Eastern European men, came in and they were smoking which was a big deal because Mrs. Hubs yelled at them to put their cigarettes out. They all sat in one booth which made me laugh because there was no reason for them to all sit so close to each other.

I ate a chicken sandwich.

I liked it and you should eat at Hub’s today or soon.