Saw Watchmen over the weekend.  Being a big fan of the graphic novel and often thinking that they should NEVER turn it into a movie, I actually liked it.  I didn’t completely love it, but I was happy with it over all.  The opening credits alone are AMAZING.  

The director manages to keep the story line clear (not an easy task) and the movie looks fantastic.  The pace of the movie is nice and it is a rather long, so be prepared should you go.  I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.  Oh, my mom and Scott Haden would like it because it’s quite violent but some of the fighting scenes…listen, I know you like your blood and want your audiences to really feel the impact Zack Snyder,  but every violent scene does not have to be set at 11 and then get cranked up from there.  Chill out buddy!  The novel isn’t really THAT gory. 

The Comedian is great, Silk Spectre is oh so sexy, Dr. Manhattan’s blue penis is distracting  and Rorschach absolutely rocks.  Kudos to the actor that played him.