is anyone else like this?

I’m terrible at guessing the end of movies or seeing anything coming that  involves a plot twist.  Many, many times I’m  very easily surprised by simple turns and directions of movies.

Often, It makes me feel very dumb.  I’m like a baby that has just discovered it suddenly has feet.

Throughout  movies I think (very often to myself as to avoid embarrassment)  “WOAH! Would you look at that!  I certainly did not see THAT coming! ”

Sometimes I look at people I’m sitting next to and try to gauge their reactions on their faces to see if I should lean over and say something.

Here’s what simple test I use to see if I should do that:

Mouth open and eyebrows raised = Great! They have been surprised or fooled like me. Say something to he/she.

Mouth slightly open. Lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed = Good.  They may be confused like me. Or possibly wanting a kiss. I might say do/ something.

Mouth closed. eyes normal= Bad.  I will say nothing and stuff face with candy to avoid saying anything.

Mouth closed. Eyes closed= Very bad. They are asleep. Or possibly dead. Check pulse.

Even worse it happens during movies when I should totally see certain things coming.  Just before writing this I was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (wow, sad) and it should have been painfully obvious to me that the evil CEO of an evil company was the evil Shredder all along but noooooo!  I was surprised!  Terrible.
Hmmmm…looking back at the TMNT movie:

CEO has evil, maniacal laugh? check.

CEO hates turtles? check

CEO has large muscular build and affection for martial arts and sharp objects? check

So yeah, of course it was Shredder. That was probably obvious to 8 year olds everywhere.

So movies like the Sixth Sense or The Usual Suspects completely blow my mind. Duh.  FYI, sometimes I like to say things at the end of those kind of movies like “I completely saw that coming.” or “I called that!”

I am usually lying.

Well, that’s all I have to say about me and movies but I have to tell you that this blog wasn’t written by me at all.  It was written by my DEAD AUNT SANDRA WHO IS STANDING BEHIND YOU WITH A KNIFE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

WOAH!  Surprise blog ending!

i bet you didn’t see that coming.

Woah! I did not see thatI am incredibly fooled at surprise endings.