Things older people say to me at least once a month while I’m working:

“Oh! I have a son named David!”  Son can also be replaced here with grandson, great grandson or Boston Terrier

“Are you Irish? Oh of course you are! Look at you! You have the map of Ireland on your face.”  ummm…thanks mom and dad for my topographic face…i guess?

“While you’re here can you open this jar for me?” I always like this one. I know some of them have a collection of jars or bottles they can’t open and they patiently wait around until someone just stops by that can help them.
If that was me in that situation and I couldn’t open my beloved jam , I would probably smash it on the ground in furious anger, scoop up the jam and have a nice  toasted bagel with shards of glass and jam smeared all on top. Delicious!

“Did you know there was an actor when I was growing up named David Farrar?”  To which my response is always, “Yes! And he was in Pearl of the South Pacific.”  In return they always respond, “Yes. He sure was, wasn’t he?”

Maybe more later.

i gym now.